HSC Katahdin Farm

Katahdin Hair Sheep

Welcome to HSC Katahdin Farm’s website. We are Howard and Susian Covington, owners and operators of this farm; which is a fancy way of saying not only do we have to pay all the bills, but we have to do all the work too. 

I was raised on a wool sheep ranch in Central Texas and was well aware of a lot of the problems with wool sheep.  For this reason, we decided to raise hair sheep instead of wool sheep when we got back into the sheep business in 1998.  We started with Barbados, but found them to be very aggressive and hard to handle.  We then started looking for a type of sheep that both  Susian and I could handle.  We wanted a breed that was more parasite tolerant, required no sheering, and was a bit more docile. 


In 2000, we were introduced to the Katahdins and have been hooked on them ever since.  We wanted something to graze our small acreage farm, but yet be productive.  We found the Katahdins met all our needs.


Katahdins, in our opinion, are one of the easiest farm animals to care for. We thoroughly enjoy raising Katadhins with their easy disposition, and low maintance.  It is hard to keep the grandkids from naming the lambs and making them their own personal pets.


Only the top breeding stock is kept on our farm, which is decided by Genotype testing, production, and health records.  We also use the Famacha eye check method with very good success.


If you are ever in the Livingston, Texas area feel free to stop by for a visit.

We always enjoy showing our sheep!


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